自考英语二作文模板 1、利弊分析型作文模板: 思路:1、描述现象 2、介绍观点(第二段,利;第三段,弊)3、作者观点/结论 范例作文:网络,是新世纪的科技产物,

My Father There is always a brilliant image living in my heart. That is my dear father. His great image is deeply carved in my mind.参考于自考英语作文

一、英语书信的常见写作模板 开头部分: How nice to hear from you again. Let me tell you something about the activity. I'm glad to have received your letter of Apr. 9th. I'm

人生中的大石头 One day, an expert in time management was speaking to a group of 还有你的---切切记得先去处理这些大石块,否则,一辈子你都不能做!”10句英文励

提纲式作文1.对立观点式A.有人认为X 是好事,赞成X,为什么?B.有人认为X 是坏事,反对X,为什么?C.我的看法.Some people are in favor of the idea of doingX. They

我现在读的也是自考英语 自考英语有包括综合英语和英语阅读 相比之下综合英语简单了许多 而英语阅读却较难 至于英语4级如果你有点英语基础 你通过率一定很高 凡是你在高中时英语能考100多分(满分150)你4级通过一般是没问题 不过英语4级还比综合英语还难一点点 不过也没差多少

1,My name is wangmin, the last month when traveling to Shanghai, at the bookstore to 2, Smith: no, because it is missing. Invite II is located on 9 August 2001 in the

Nowadays, with the improvement of society, dozens of high schools request their students to do some unpaid community service. I go along with this idea, and I esteem this is

I wanted to do when I grow up volunteers to protect animals.Now,there is animal life and dismissive.Often say that a dog is man's best friend,but often those who like small


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