hello,my name's annie.i'm thirteen years old.i live in shanghai.i have long hair and two small ears.i have a piar of big eyes.and i have a small nose and a small mouth.i'm very tall and thin.i'm in class one grade six.my birthday is on january the first.i

Nowadays,the mobile phone is used all over the world.The amazing invention that was invented by bell has compelety change the world.One can communicate with another one even if the distance between them are distant,but it is a double sword

Mobile Phone Being a product of high-technology,mobile phones are being more and more widely used. It's small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, offering fast and convenient service

my room this is my room. it's a nice room. there is a window in the wall, and a bed next to the window. my desk is between my bookcase and my bed. there are a lot of books in the bookcase. a lamp is on the desk. there are some pictures on the

Nowadays many middle school students carry mobile phones during school hours. Is it necessary? We had a big discussion. Most students think mobile phones can help them keep in touch with their friends and family. Also carrying phones is a way

It has been widely recognized that mobile phone can do a lot of harm to people's health and many evidence can be named to prove this.For one thing, Not only can they harm

Advantages and Disadvatages of Mobile phones As every body knows,mobiles are playing a important part in our daily life nowadays.But they have bot advantages and disadvtanges in my opinion.First,mobil

What can you do with the mobile phone As times goes on,our life has experience great change.Mobile ghone is one of the most important inventions in nowadays.It has benefited us a lot,here are some examples. At first,we can talk with the people

Nowadays, cellphones become popular among students. There is an heated disscussion on whether students should hold cellphones with them at school. Some students think that it is convenient for students to keep in touch with their parents by

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